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Aqua Infuse is Eco Packaging Products range of solid board takeaway food boxes. All of our solid board products are made from 70% Mix FSC board, all coming from the same mill to ensure continuity in quality throughout the range of takeaway boxes.

In addition with Aqua Infuse we offer printing services, with a reasonable MOQ of 5,000 pieces you can have branded takeaway food boxes that can help with your marketing.

aqua infuse product range

Aqua Infuse is the first takeaway box of it’s kind, where the water resistance and the grease resistance are impregnated into the board during the pulping phase. Due to not having to go through a separate coating process, Aqua Infuse takeaway boxes are more eco-friendly as less energy is being used during the whole process.

Our takeaway boxes are completely plastic free due to this process too. By buying an Aqua Infuse snack box instead of plastic lined alternatives, you can show end users that you are taking an active stand against plastic pollution. All Aqua Infuse products are completely biodegradable and compostable. And due to have no plastic or metals, they are completely microwave safe too!

All of our takeaway boxes are made in the UK in our factory in Manchester, therefore reducing the overall carbon footprint of the boxes in comparison with alternatives made abroad.

In our snack boxes we offer a range of sizes (1, 2, 3 and 8) and we also offer a large and small clamshell burger box. In addition to the boxes, we also offer baguette and burger trays too.

snack box with burger and chips inside

If you have a certain product that you would like help in realising, please get in touch as even though it may not be in our current range, we are always happy to help with the production of new products.

Aqua Infuse is one of our flagship brands here at Eco Packaging Products Ltd, we feel passionately about reducing plastic waste and hope you can join us on our journey to make all food packaging completely #plasticfree.