Earth Day 2022

This earth day Eco Packaging Products are making a commitment. For every 1000 products sold, from deli boxes, wooden cutlery, pizza boxes and even paper straws we will be planting a tree with Therefore, 1 box of wooden cutlery = 1 tree. From today, when you make a purchase from Eco Packaging Products, you will receive an email to see where your tree(s) are planted and see an estimate of the carbon emissions that are being offset by the trees you have helped to plant! 

Why trees? 

Trees help to clean the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and pumping oxygen back into the atmosphere. Trees help to offset the emissions caused by burning fossil fuels by acting as a carbon sink, the more trees we have, the healthier our atmosphere can be. In addition, trees are essential to a vast number of ecosystems and a single tree can be home to numerous species of insects, fungi and even other plants! 

Planting trees helps to create over 1.6 billion jobs around the world and planting trees in coastal mangroves can help to prevent added damage from natural disasters such as floods too by acting as a barrier to the coastlines. 

Although Eco Packaging Products already make sure that all the raw materials we buy are FSC approved, we are also aware that through manufacturing and delivering our products we are having an impact on the environment.

We minimise this by sourcing all our cardboard locally and having all our products Made In Britain. However through planting trees, our aim is to try and reduce the overall impact we have through carbon emissions even further. In doing so we are also helping to protect ecosystems and create jobs around the world.

Help us to make a difference this Earth Day. 

We’ve planted 50 trees to get our forest started, you can keep track of our progress on: 

Forest of Eco Packaging Products Ltd | Tree-Nation – Forest’s trees