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Evergreen is the first brand of wooden cutlery to be manufactured in Europe. Our aim is to further the eco-friendly credentials of wooden cutlery. While wooden cutlery is a good alternative to it’s plastic alternative, all wooden cutlery is currently produced in the far East. By producing wooden cutlery abroad and then importing it in via container, you are greatly increasing the overall carbon footprint of the finished product, therefore making it less environmentally friendly.

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Our Evergreen wooden cutlery is produced from 100% FSC Birchwood. Due to being a completely natural product, our wooden cutlery is biodegradable and compostable. The cutlery is cut with precision technology to maintain the highest quality and ensure that there are no splinters, and then it is formed using steam. We offer a range of different wooden cutlery options, with our standard 160mm length cutlery proving to be a favourite with most.

We offer everything from wooden forks to wooden sporks, and are planning to include stirrers and other wooden utensils to our range in the future. If there is a product that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us as we are always looking at developing new products.