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Evergreen is an Eco Packaging Products line of wooden cutlery and it is the first brand of wooden cutlery to be manufactured in the UK.  

Wooden cutlery that is bought and sold in the UK comes almost exclusively from factories across China and India. A shipping container from Asia to the UK with a weight of 20 tonnes is estimated to create around 2,500 tonnes of CO2 on its journey. This is equivalent to the carbon emissions an average car does driving 8,000 a year, in one trip. Our mission is to combat this by manufacturing sustainable wooden cutlery in the UK. While we currently import a portion of our stock from India due to volume issues, we are working to reduce this figure daily with increased production. 

In an attempt to offset the carbon produced through importing and any carbon produced by manufacturing in the UK, we are planting a tree for every box of wooden cutlery that is sold by Eco Packaging Products. We will also be providing monthly updates on LinkedIn to detail the total amount of carbon that will be offset due to this. 

Over its lifetime a single tree will, on average, offset 1 tonne of carbon. However, we are planting trees all over the world that will also provide other benefits for the communities where they are planted including jobs and protection from floods and other natural disasters. 

Why use wooden cutlery?

Our range of evergreen products is the greener, more environmentally conscious option when opting for disposable cutlery. Single-use plastics can put a significant strain on our environment as an item that is used for as little as 15 minutes can take 450 years to decompose. Our evergreen wooden cutlery helps solve this issue as it is uncoated, made from 100% FSC wood, and can be put into home compost and broken down with ease.  

While there has already been governmental intervention with regards to single-use plastics for certain items such as straws and cotton buds, wooden cutlery has not been included as of yet. However, there are discussions taking place about whether there should be a more widespread ban on single-use plastics. If you would like to stay ahead of the times and show your customers that you are being proactive with regard to the climate and environment, then wooden cutlery is a great place to start.  

All our wooden cutlery is made from birchwood from FSC-approved forestry that aims to maintain the integrity of our earth’s forests to ensure that they aren’t overcultivated, allowing for sustainable use and fair rights with regards to harvesting materials. 

Our Range Includes :

Wooden Forks

 Wooden forks

Wooden Spoons 

Wooden spoons

Wooden Knives 

Wooden knives

Wooden Teaspoons

Wooden teaspoons 

Wooden Sporks