Gourm8 Food Packaging


About our Brand:

Gourm8 is our brand of corrugated food boxes. All Gourm8 boxes are made in the UK, in our factory in Manchester. We buy all our board for our products from mills and converters based in the North West of England to ensure that the board only has a short distance to get to us for conversion. Further to that point, we try to order all our board in full truck loads, this way we ensure we minimise the boards carbon footprint from when it is created to when it is delivered to us.

About Our Boards: 

Our standard Gourm8 products are made from a 125KT (Kraft/Test) E flute corrugated cardboard. This board is a 70% mix FSC certified product. This ensures that we have a standardised level of board quality across all our range, but also a standardised level of sustainability.  

When cardboard is made, recycled cardboard is wet and ground down into a pulp to start the process. However, the pulp alone will not make the board sturdy enough, so wood chips are added to the mix at this stage in order to help the box become more rigid. 

If you require any of our products in a stronger, more firm board, we can also offer products in both a 150KT and 200KT corrugated board, however the price of the items will be adjusted to reflect this differentiation.  


In our Gourm8 range we offer a range of different sizes of burger boxes: 

Sides Box 

Transparent background image of a Sides Box. This is a small cardboard food box

Burger Box

Transparent Background image of a Burger Box, this is a cardboard food box

Burger and Chips Box 

Transparent background image of a Burger and Chip Box, This is an elongated cardboard food box

Small Food Box

Transparent background image of a Small Food Box. These are cardboard food boxes ideal for chips

Medium Food Box 

Transparent Background Image of a Medium Food Box. This is a cardboard food box which has an in-built divider.


Why Choose Gourm8:

All burger boxes in our Gourm8 range are designed so that they can be delivered flat packed straight to takeaways or food trucks. This allows the burger boxes to take up a lot less space than their clamshell alternatives, which can be a real benefit to those working in tight spaces!  

Also, our Gourm8 Burger boxes are designed to hold the burger in the centre of the box and when opened can also be used as a handy plate. This is all designed with an aim to reduce mess for the end user. When you are done with the burger box, make sure it hasn’t absorbed any grease and throw it into the recycling bin! 

Alternatively, due to it being made of 100% cardboard, even if the box has absorbed grease, it will break down in a home composter too. 


Improvements we’ve made:

The design of Gourm8 products have changed recently too. We have moved the vent holes from being circular holes which are punched out, to slits that appear when the box is folded. The reason for this change is to reduce the amount of cardboard waste we produce when each box is made, while also providing a nice sleek finish that will allow for greater coverage when printing! 


If you have any enquiries about printing, you can get in contact with us for bespoke pricing on any of the Gourm8 range. 


Also available in the Gourm8 range are our Pizza boxes, which come in a standard size range of 7”, 9”, 10”, 12” and 15”. However, we have also had enquiries about 8”, 11”, 14” and 16”, so if you require a size that is not on our standard list then don’t hesitate to ask.  

Due to being a UK based manufacturer, we are able to bring any of your corrugate food packaging dreams to life. If you have an idea for a product that is not currently part of our range, feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.