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Gourm8 is Eco Packaging Products Corrugated Cardboard department. Gourm8 features pizza boxes, burger boxes and food boxes currently, however due to our team of experts in corrugated cardboard manufacturing, we are able to bring any design you have to life.

All our pizza boxes are made from 70% Mix FSC board which has come from a mill situated in the North West of England. In doing so we have made an effort to increase the eco-friendly credentials of our Gourm8 range. By using a Gourm8 pizza box or burger box, you will be reducing your companies carbon footprint through association.

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In addition, all our corrugate boxes are completely biodegradable and compostable. They are not coated with any nasty plastics, our burger boxes are au naturale.

We offer pizza boxes in a range of sizes from 7″ up to 16″, and burger boxes in 3 sizes too. All our corrugate boxes are made in the UK, in our factory in Manchester.

We have recently changed our pizza box design to include steam holes only when the pizza box is folded. This means that there is a lot less cardboard waste when the pizza box is manufactured.

We have also changed the design similarly on our premium corrugated burger boxes. This design change not only makes our burger boxes even more eco-friendly, but it also means that there is an increased surface area on the top of the burger boxes for printing. No more lovely designs being ruined by ugly steam holes!

If you have any requirement for printing on either pizza boxes or burger boxes, please don’t hesitate the get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements further.

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