• Gourm8 Food Packaging

    Gourm8 Food Packaging

      About our Brand: Gourm8 is our brand of corrugated food boxes. All Gourm8 boxes are made in the UK, in our factory in Manchester. We buy all our board for our products from mills and converters based in the North West of England to ensure that the board only has a short distance to […]

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  • Quench


    Due to the plastic bans that have been put into place by European governments, there has been a switch from disposable plastic straws, to their compostable paper counterparts. While this ban has been beneficial by reducing the overall volume of plastics in circulation, it has led rise to further issues.   25.3 billion straws are […]

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  • Evergreen


    Evergreen is an Eco Packaging Products line of wooden cutlery and it is the first brand of wooden cutlery to be manufactured in the UK.   Wooden cutlery that is bought and sold in the UK comes almost exclusively from factories across China and India. A shipping container from Asia to the UK with a weight […]

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  • Earth Day 2022

    Earth Day 2022

    This earth day Eco Packaging Products are making a commitment. For every 1000 products sold, from deli boxes, wooden cutlery, pizza boxes and even paper straws we will be planting a tree with tree-nation.com. Therefore, 1 box of wooden cutlery = 1 tree. From today, when you make a purchase from Eco Packaging Products, you […]

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