Due to the plastic bans that have been put into place by European governments, there has been a switch from disposable plastic straws, to their compostable paper counterparts. While this ban has been beneficial by reducing the overall volume of plastics in circulation, it has led rise to further issues.  

25.3 billion straws are used in Europe every year and currently, a large portion of the paper straws used and disposed of in the UK come from either China or the USA. If all of these straws were imported, the total amount of CO2 emissions produced would equate to around 8.5 billion kilograms, which is the same as 5 million cars would produce every year. 

This associated cost to the planet far outweighs the benefits of paper straws and their eco-friendly credentials. By using imported paper straws, you are increasing the overall carbon footprint of your business and adding to the growing issue of climate change.  

Pink Paper Straws

Quench is Eco Packaging’s range of drinking products, where all products are manufactured in the UK. Eco Packaging was created by the team that started the first company to manufacture paper straws in the UK and the team are still championing the ideals of UK manufactured eco-friendly products to this day. All our straws are manufactured in the UK and are made with FSC paper to ensure we can be as sustainable as possible.  

Quench straws are 3-ply straws, made with a 70% mix FSC paper and we offer a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your needs. In addition, we are also able to offer branding options for your business.  

Quench paper straws are made with an aqueous coated barrier applied to the paper, which makes the paper water-resistant. This means that the straws are able to hold up to the rigours of slow drinkers, so you can mull over your gin and tonic without having to reach for another straw. This saves your customers money as fewer straws will have to be used!  

For any more information regarding our Quench line of products, please send us an email and we will try and be in touch as soon as possible.